Operation Ice Dragon – Part 3 – Shopping

Ice Dragon LogoLet’s Go Shopping!

Been awhile since the last update, but I’ve slowly been collecting the items that will go in the payload for the balloon.  I’d started off quickly finding a camera for a great price on Craigslist and a found decent deal on a parachute from a military surplus store online.   The camera turned out great but the parachute was far to heavy, and I ended up having to order another which was a bummer.  I also decided around that time I wanted another camera as a backup but it took quite a while to find one that would work with the software I needed and was priced where I felt ok picking it up.

Today I’ve ordered the balloon and it should be here early next week, I’ve also found a local helium supplier that has the gas and a regulator for good price.  So that leaves the cooler and the various parts and pieces to hold everything in place.  I’d hoped to have launched around this time, but finding the second camera really slowed down progress.

Anyhow, it’s getting closer, below is the shopping list so far, I’ll update it as I go with the parts and pieces I add them.

Item Found At Cost
Balloon  Kaymont.com  $85.00
Helium / Regulator  Crumpton  $98.00
Parachute (60″)  Sunward Aerospace  $36.00
Cooler  Walmart $12.00
Heating Pads  Walmart  $6.00
GPS/Phone  CraigsList.com (Motorola Droid X)  $30.00
Camera #1  CraigsList.com (Canon A400)  $15.00
Camera #2  CraigsList.com (Canon A530)  $25.00
Tape/Glue/Misc/Rope Lowes $75.00
TOTAL  $382.00

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