Launch Date Selected

Ice Dragon LogoI’ve selected the weekend of November 24th and 25th, 2012 (Weekend after Thanksgiving).  The plan is to release the balloon on Saturday and if the weather isn’t cooperating give it a shot on Sunday.

I have all the parts and found a supplier for the helium close to my work.  The balloon came in last week, and I ran some tests with the cameras to make sure they worked and had enough power to last the flight, all looks good.

I’m figuring on releasing the balloon either from the park in Hunter’s Green or the schools soccer fields around the corner unless the winds change direction drastically.  I’m going to be including some wooden tokens in the payload to give to anyone who wants one assuming balloon is retrieved of course.

The balloon will report until it reaches 4000 feet and then most likely go dark until it falls back to earth.  The entire flight takes around 2.5 -3.5 hours and once it goes up, it’s a bunch of waiting for the tracking to come back online, thinking of hitting a restaurant for breakfast after launch to burn some time.

If anyone is interested in coming to help/watch with the launch or help retrieve the balloon your more than welcome, kids and adults alike.  There’s really know way to know for sure where it will land, if a signal will be returned, or if anything will come back in once piece, but hey that’s sort of the fun.  Assuming the tracker kicks back in, it could land anywhere from 10-80 miles away (I hope).

Please feel free to email or call if your interested.

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