Operation Ice Dragon – Part 5 – Where Will It Go?

Ice Dragon LogoSo looks like the weather this weekend might not be perfect,  nice thing is I have next week off as well so if worse come to worse I can wait for it to clear a bit.  I ran the current forecast though two sites that plot where they think the balloon will go based on weather, and they are both showing fairly close landing points.  The downside to this is they are both a bit to close to the Green Swamp for my tastes.  I’ll have to run a few more as the week goes on and see where things end up.  If it stays where it’s at I’m going to lean toward heading further south for launch (means getting up earlier blah) but aside from the ocean that’s another area I’d really like to avoid.

I checked the weight tonight and I’m sitting at just under 3 pounds, which gives me another half pound for the lines and assembling everything together.  Should have no problem getting enough lift, so this week I’ll have to figure out how to hold everything in place, and try and secure the phone in case of a hard landing.

Forecast 1 from : University of Wyoming Weather Center
Forecast 2 from:  Near Space Ventures

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